Relatives that have written, and may be happy to communicate with the modern descendants!

(Your corrections and additions would be most welcomed! email to:; Cal Herrmann, 5621 Sierra Avenue, Richmond, California 94805).

Hi Cal,

Thank you for responding to me regarding our family history. Please feel free to post my e-mail or name and address - I would be happy to hear from others and getting more information. I know we have a lot of extended relatives out there. I can remember going to Blanche & Wilber Schraders when I was little, and there were a lot of family members of the Herrmann's/Koehler's aunts & uncles & distant cousins which was always overwhelming to me.

I am the oldest daughter of Esther Herrmann, daughter of William G. and Emma Herrmann. I recently got my first computer, and am interested in our family history. I ran across information on the Herrmann clan, and read the very interesting Migration of the Matthew Herrmann Family, and wonder if you would have any more information you might share, or direct me how to locate. I would appreciate any information you might have regarding our family history. I found the information on the Matthew Herrmann Family fascinating, and am going to e-mail my sister and cousins the information which I know they will be thrilled to have also. We cousins had a Herrmann family reunion in Colorado in 2006 and plan another in the next couple of years. Pat Dobson 2520 Beall Lane Central Point, Oregon 97502, e-mail---pdobson @

I had some time ago heard from Jeff Herrmann, who sent some pictures to add (I haven't got them on yet, sorry), he said:

Cal, Found your website through a posting on and we are cousins. Have sent a few photos and will get back to you with more if you like.

Thanks, Jeff Herrmann, jlherrm @, Ashtabula County, Ohio Herrmanns. I reside in Erie, PA

Matthew Mary Mary h March (Small).jpg, Matthew-mary (Small).jpg. photos to sort 147.jpg Cal, Nice to hear from you. I would love to hear from relatives as I some day hope to put all of this in a book format so anyone can have it. I still try and write letters to obtain old photos or add to the history. Thanks for checking and I would enjoy the communication. Camy Rea, reactcjb @

Camy is a great-granddaughter of Lewis Herrmann. She has done another family tree of these Herrmanns (there seem to be several or many Herrmann families of different origins).